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  • Some blocks are off their place?

    We will position them according to the design or your guidelines. Unless you want to trust us on that - we can also do that

    lego bricks scattered
  • The final outcome is different from the design?

    Nobody likes to have a website that doesn't match the ordered design. We can fix the work that somebody did so it meets your expectations

    graffiti on the wall of an abandoned storage building
  • The page speed is terrible?

    It means, that your position on Google Search is also bad. We know how to speed pages up and we do it well

    turtles on the beach sunset
  • Your website got attacked by hackers?

    Sometimes it's a directed attack, so we take every situation like that very seriously. We will back-up whatever is possible, clear the website and set the protection so it doesn't happen again.

    silhouette of a hacker wearing a hoodie
  • Or maybe you want to refresh your website?

    Technology is as fast as light. 4 years is enough for your website design to look old and unattractive. An average person decides to leave or stay at your website in the first 2 seconds, so the first impression is everything. If your design won't be new, interesting attractive, you will simply loose a client. Depending on your budget, we can refresh and improve the current looks or we can create an entirely new bespoke design for you.

    facade of an old empty house paint peeling off

What else can we do?

  • add Aria to your website, so disabled people are not excluded

    For some businesses it's essential, but for all it's an ethic thing to have - people with disabilities such as blindness, Parkinson's desease or with the movement impairements also want to use your website, so don't exclude them online!

    man on a wheelchair looking down sea with people in the background
  • configure Schema for better Seo visibility

    Not many companies offer that, but Schema is crucial for showing up properly online. It can improve your Google rating and give the more professional look of your website on other sites.

    Kid holding Binoculars
  • Connect your website with social media - and vice versa

    Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, you name it. Social Media became the main source of information for people nowadays. It's simple as that: if they don't see you there - you don't exist.

    group of young people around the workspace table talking about business
We will take care of your website or shop and do what others couldn't.

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